Phentermine Types

Phentermine Types PicturesThroughout the history of weight loss drugs, Phentermine types of diet pills have been around the longest. These diet drugs were used as far back as 1959 for appetite suppression. They have been used in many different diet drugs (some that have since been discontinued) but was never the ingredient that was called into question for safety reasons. The most notable was Fen-Phen, however, the Fen part of the equation was dangerous, not the Phentermine. Today, there are a few different Phentermine types that you can try if you wish to lose weight.

One of the most popular Phentermine types is 37.5 mgs. This is probably the most commonly prescribed dosage of Phentermine at the present time. This is the generic version of Adipex, though remember it has been around much longer than this brand name. This most common type of Phentermine, generic Phentermine, is what many start with when they are prescribed the drug. The difference between this and the Adipex version is that Phentermine generic is released into the system all at once while the Adipex comes in a time released version that will slowly go into the body through the course of the day.

Other Phentermine types you can find are the blue type. This type of Phentermine is a lower dosage of 30 mgs. This is a form that comes in capsules. Some find these to be much less effective than the pill form of Phentermine. Perhaps this is because of the way it is released into the system and the resin covering that may negate some of the effectiveness of this drug. Some find this dosage simply does not do enough for them and they do not enjoy the benefits of taking Phentermine as they would with another dosage. However, this may be good for those that can not tolerate the higher dosage. This is something you doctor can help you decide.

You may also come across yellow Phentermine types of diet pills. These are the same dosage as the blue Phentermine, but it is a time released version of this drug. This can work well for someone who finds the effects of Phentermine are wearing off during the day and want something that sustains itself throughout the day. This is again something that can not be purchased legally online unless your local pharmacy allows you to place your order via the Internet. Never buy this from a random online pharmacy as you may not be getting the real thing, and could be ingesting something dangerous.