Non-Prescription Fastin

Fastin is marketed very carefully – and somewhat dishonestly – as a diet medication to help with weight loss. The drug was initially formulated as a prescription-strength drug for weight loss which contained phentermine as one of its

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Is Today's Over the Counter Fastin the Same as Yesterday's Prescription Diet Drug?

Over the Counter Fastin vs Prescription

Prescription Fastin was basically Phentermine Hydrochloride. But, today, you can get over the counter Fastin. How does it compare to the prescription diet drug? Is it worth giving it a try? After all, prescription Fastin, or Phentermine, would work by suppressing your appetite, so you could lose more weight by eating less, and more easily

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Fastin Diet Pills Pros and Cons

Fastin Diet Pill pros and cons

The Fastin diet pill has some pros and cons. The bottom line is that you should discuss it with your doctor before using this product.

When you are on a diet, you are sure to have heard about a lot of different kinds of diet pills that are able to help you lose the

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