Phentermine has been on the market for weight loss for quite a while, but has been sold in more varieties than just the generic name of Phentermine. This was once part of the hugely popular drug Fen-Phen, but that drug was deemed dangerous and removed from circulation. The ‘Fen’ part of the drug was the problem, as Phentermine is still considered safe. Today, you can get this ingredient in the prescription drug Adipex, but you can also get generic Adipex, aka Phentermine.

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Adipex is an anti-obesity drug that is given on a short term basis to those that have more than just a few pounds to lose. This drug is in the amphetamines category of drugs, which may explain why it is recommended that this is only taken for a short period of time. Those with a lot of weight to lose may find a good start with Adipex or Phentermine, the generic Adipex. It can help jump start weight loss or can be given when a diet is faltering and someone needs a push to keep going. Those who take Adipex are generally in a state of health of which weight loss is essential to avoid disease or a shortened life.

There are some side effects and problems from the generic Adipex that are the same with the brand name. Those taking this drug can experience nausea and vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, dizziness, sleep problems, and dry mouth. On the more serious side, some may experience seizure, mood changes, racing or pounding heart, muscle spasms, change in sexual behaviors, nervousness, uncharacteristic anger, or hallucinations. The drug should be discontinued immediately if there is loss of use of one side of the body, seizure, vision blurring or slurred speech. Any side effects should be reported to a doctor as soon as possible to determine if the drug should still be taken by the patient. For most, the side effects are minimal at most, and the drug is safe and effective for prescribed use.

Some worry that the generic Adipex is not as powerful or as pure as the real thing, but this is not a worry with Adipex and Phentermine. The Federal Drug Administration (the FDA) has issued Phentermine a rating of AA. This means that the generic Adipex is the same in potency and usefulness as the brand name. The only difference could be the fillers and dyes used in the generic. This only matters for those that have allergies and sensitivities to certain materials that may be used in generic Adipex. For the consumer, this means you should get the same results with the generic as with Adipex as long as you are not allergic to any ingredients.