Adipex Diet Pills vs Phentermine

Adipex Diet Pills vs Phentermine for ObesityAnyone who has been on the hunt for a diet pill has inevitably come across the names Adipex and Phentermine. What are the similarities and differences between Adipex diet pills vs Phentermine? How can you determine which one of these is the right one for your unique needs? Well, to start, you can check out our brief guide to Adipex diet pills vs Phentermine below. Then, with this knowledge, you can see your doctor to have a consultation about whether or not either of these prescription diet pills would be right for you.

Adipex Diet Pills vs Phentermine: One is the Generic

As with all prescriptions, when it comes to diet pills, there are brand name products and there are generic alternatives. In the case of Adipex diet pills vs Phentermine, Adipex is the brand name product, while Phentermine is the generic.

Drugs come onto the market with a lot of hope, but some of that hope can be washed away when the sticker price is very high. Drug companies have to charge quite a bit more for a new drug to pay for the years and years of research that was put into making that drug a reality. After a certain amount of time, any drug on the market can be sold as a generic. The law tries to provide the drug company enough time to earn back what they put into something before that happens.

The drug Adipex is a brand name that has a generic equivalent, but the generic has been around longer than the brand name.

Adipex Diet Pills vs Phentermine: Similarities Between the Two

These diet pills are actually quite similar. They both work on helping you lose weight by doing things like suppressing your appetite so you feel fuller for longer, and so you can eat less overall. This is a great way to reduce your calorie intake every day without having to feel hungry all the time.

Beyond that, these pills also help you shed pounds by giving you more energy. If you use that extra energy to lead a more active lifestyle that includes exercising consistently, you can then burn more calories than you consume every day, and that is the recipe for successful weight loss.

Adipex Diet Pills vs Phentermine: Some Noteworthy Differences to Consider

When thinking about Adipex vs Phentermine, there are a few differences to consider.

  • One difference in Adipex Diet Pills vs Phentermine is the price. The brand name is going to cost more, for the reasons stated above. So, if you are on a tighter budget or you do not have prescription drug coverage through your health insurance provider, you can talk to your doctor about getting a prescription specifically for Phentermine, rather than for Adipex. This might help you save money, but check with your local pharmacy first to really know what you would be charged for either of these products.
  • Because Phentermine is equally as potent and powerful as the brand name, you may wonder what the other differences would be. For one, the way the pill is made, released in the system, and with what it is made could be the reason for the difference.
  • Also, in many generic diet pills, the fillers, dyes, and inactive ingredients are not the same. The problem with this could be an allergic reaction to some of those things. That is why it is important to tell your doctor about allergies and sensitivities when they ask before prescribing a new drug for you. You may have no choice but to go with brand name Adipex.
  • Both of these diet pills are only available by prescription, and they need to be taken according to your doctor’s instructions. You are not allowed to have these diet pills unless you have proof of a prescription, and you need to be careful to take the right dose so you can avoid possible side effects and dependency. In fact, according to WVLT8, a woman was arrested for driving while under the influence of Adipex diet pills, so law enforcement takes this seriously.

Dosage and More

Though Adipex is essentially the same as Phentermine, and they work on the same part of the brain to reduce appetite, there is one small difference in the Adipex diet pills vs Phentermine debate that may determine which one you want to take. This is a personal preference.

Adipex comes in a slow release form that may serve some dieters better. That means the medication is slowly released into the system, which means more control. If you find that Phentermine has worked for you but the benefits wane towards the end of the day, Adipex Diet Pills may be the better choice. However, if that is not a problem, you can save money by sticking with the generic Phentermine.

Another difference in Adipex vs Phentermine is that Adipex Diet Pills contain 37.5mg of Phentermine Hydrochloride. Although Phentermine is also sold in this dosage, known as Phentermine 37.5, generic phentermine is also sold in lower and higher dosages. The dosage provided in Adipex seems to be very effective and is often the dosage prescribed for the treatment of obesity.

Work with Your Doctor to Make the Right Choice

Overall, other than the above-named issues in the Adipex Diet Pills vs Phentermine debate, there are no more major differences between the two drugs. That means you can get the same benefits from each as long as the other issues are not problems for you. This is something you can discuss with your doctor if you are running into problems while taking either one. The most important ingredient in any weight loss pill is you. What you do and how you react can have a strong impact on how well a drug works no matter what form you may choose.

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