Is Phentramin-D Safe for Teens Who Wish to Lose Weight?

safety of phentramin-d for teens

Phentramin-D is not meant to be used by teens as it could be unsafe.

Nowadays many teens, especially girls, are conscious about their weight. It is a good thing that kids are aware that being overweight can lead to severe health issues. Some teens may even wish to use Phentramin-D to lose weight. However, there are certain guidelines for using this weight loss drug. Let’s discuss whether Phentramin-D is safe for teens who wish to lose weight:

Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Most people assume that it is not a problem for teens and pre-teens to gain weight. Moreover, they discourage them from trying to lose weight. However, that is not especially sound advice. Teens have to keep their body weight in check. If they do not, it could cause problems for them later on. But maintaining a healthy weight does not mean resorting to using weight loss drugs and following diet plans. Instead, teens should be taught to eat healthily and to exercise. This will stimulate their growth and push them in the right direction, toward a healthy lifestyle.

Bodily Changes

Teens undergo significant bodily changes, which is why they gain weight. Girls tend to gain weight around their thighs and hips while boys gain overall muscle. If they consume weight loss drugs like Phentramin-D, it could end up damaging their metabolism permanently. The weight gain should not be ignored just because it is natural; however, kids should be encouraged to try healthy means of weight loss. Always remember that Phentramin-D is only recommended for individuals over the age of 18.

Disadvantages of Using Weight Loss Drugs

Weight loss drugs of any kind, even the safe ones, can cause a lot of harm to teenagers. This is because their body is still in the process of developing and changing. Weight loss drugs, for a fact, tamper the metabolism, boosting it while suppressing the appetite. This is fine for people over 18. However, for teens who are still experiencing bodily changes, it could mean a drastic and damaging change in their system.

Healthy Methods for Teens

If your teen is worried about the extra weight he or she is putting on, it is a great chance for you to advise them on healthy alternatives to weight loss drugs. You can encourage and guide them in eating right. Eating less, in this case, is not the answer; eating right is. You should also encourage them to exercise.

Weight loss supplements, or any supplement for that matter, can be harmful for the still-developing bodies of teenagers. The best option is to educate teenagers about healthy weight loss alternatives.

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