Prevent Weight Gain by Eating Flavonoid-Rich Fruits and Vegetables

Prevent Weight Gain with flavonoids

Strawberries are a flavonoid-rich food that can help prevent weight gain as part of a calorie conscious diet.

A research published recently suggests that adding fruits and vegetables which are rich in flavonoids to your diet can help you keep weight gain at bay. There is little doubt that fruits and veggies are among the healthiest foods you can consume, but now, the theory regarding their weight loss benefits has been proven. A research team from the Harvard University as well as the University of East Anglia has discovered that fruits and vegetables which contain a high quantity of flavonoids can help you prevent weight gain.

There is no dearth of options when it comes to flavonoids-rich fruits and vegetables. Apples, strawberries and pears are some examples from the fruit family, while radishes are also loaded with flavonoids. According to the research, you don’t have to fill up your plate with these fruits and vegetables. In fact, to enjoy the benefits of the flavonoids, you only need to eat a single serving of any fruits and vegetables which contain high levels of flavonoids. That means, you don’t have to eat more than 80g of strawberries, to use an example, in a day.

The research has been carried out on fruits and vegetables so it would be premature to assume that any foods and beverages containing flavonoids will have the same impact on your weight. Some of the most popular flavonoids-rich items are dark chocolate and red wine. However, you shouldn’t start downing bottle after bottle of red wine in a bid to prevent weight gain just yet. Yet, when it comes to fruits and veggies which are rich in flavonoids, you can knock yourself out.

The study is not an overnight sensation, nor has it been conducted on mice, as most research usually is. The research is a result of a study conducted over a period of 24 years with over 120,000 men and women involved. The men and women who regularly consumed flavonoid-rich fruits and veggies managed to maintain a steady weight level, keeping it at a normal, healthy level. This can be a huge breakthrough, as obesity is a growing issue around the world.

So far, most of the efforts of researchers and studies have been on finding viable solutions for curbing and treating obesity. This new discovery is a major step towards nipping the problem in the bud, i.e. helping people prevent weight gain instead of dealing with it once they have reached an unhealthy weight level.

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