Boost Weight Loss by Eating More Almonds

boost weight loss with almonds

Almonds make a fabulous snack and can help to boost weight loss for a win win food.

Weight loss isn’t as difficult as many people consider it to be. To break it down, all you have to do for successful weight loss is burn more calories than you consume and create a calorie deficit. This makes it clear that as long as you can maintain a calorie deficit, you don’t have to care much about what you eat. However, some foods are more nutritious than others while some contain more calories. This means choosing the right foods is as important as deciding on the portion sizes.

If you wish to boost weight loss, you have to choose food items that have high nutritional value with few calories. If you follow this one rule when choosing food items, effective weight loss is guaranteed. High-fiber foods, such as almonds, are the perfect choice for multiple reasons, including weight loss.

Almonds Satisfy Hunger
Almonds are essential for the body in order to lose weight because of their high fiber content. The fiber in almonds keeps your belly full so you don’t feel hungry for an extended time period. The fiber also aids in keeping the digestive system healthy, which leads to proper absorption of the nutrients from the meals you consume in the bloodstream so everything you eat is digested properly. This leaves no room for undigested food that can be toxic to your health. It also revs up metabolism, which enables your body to burn fats quickly. In other words, almonds make your body a fat burning machine.

Almonds Catalyze Muscle Growth
Muscle growth is an integral part of weight loss. If you are working out regularly for weight loss, almonds will enhance the effect exercise has on your weight. Almonds are rich in proteins, which is ideal for muscle development. Most people don’t want to build muscles but it is important to know that weight loss only occurs when you are physically fit, and when your muscles move, heat is generated. Muscle growth is directly linked with thermogenesis, the heat generating mechanism of the body. So, more muscles means your body burns more fats.

It’s Scientifically Proven
It’s not just an assumption that almonds boost weight loss. In a recent study, it was proven that almonds are an excellent source of vitamin E, antioxidants, and monounsaturated fats. A large group of people was involved in the study where they were asked to eat 43 grams of roasted almonds regularly and the results showed people who consumed almonds regularly lost significant weight within just 4 weeks as the almonds suppressed their hunger.

Another study published by the renowned International Journal of Obesity states a diet rich in almonds can assist you in losing weight. In this study, two groups participated, where one group was given a diet with complex carbohydrates while the other group had an almond-rich diet. The result provides evidence that almonds boost weight loss. Furthermore, they lower your blood pressure and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

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