Top Muscle Building Foods

best muscle building foods

An apple a day may do more than keep the doctor away. The nutrients in apples make it a key muscle building food.

Building up a significant amount of muscle mass does not have to become the bane of your existence. It is possible to accomplish that goal if you subscribe to the right workout regimen and if you consume the right muscle building foods. We all know that not everything on the grocery store shelves is healthy for us. We also know that a good diet can drastically change the way our bodies look and feel. So, which are the top muscle building foods on the modern market?

1. The Incredibly Edible Egg – Known for a long time as a culprit of raised cholesterol, eggs are now seen as one of the best muscle building foods known to mankind. This is especially true since the dietary guidelines for cholesterol have been completely reversed. Eating eggs each day is incredibly simple because these protein packed progenies are extremely versatile and can be added to nearly any recipe.

2. Quinoa – Becoming increasingly popular is quinoa, which just so happens to be a complete protein. It is digested slowly as a carbohydrate by the body, and that assists people in feeling fuller for longer after they eat. On top of that quinoa actually increases the levels of insulin-like growth factor-1, which is essential in building strong muscle mass.

3. Apples – They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but it may actually do a lot more. As one of the top muscle building foods on the market, apples contain special polyphenols which boost the strength of your muscles. Apples also prevent muscles from getting fatigued as quickly during a workout.

4. Greek Yogurt – The Greeks gave us toga parties and public baths, but they also gave us one of the best muscle building foods to ever grace our plates. Their particular brand of yogurt is packed with 20g of protein per serving. In addition, Greek yogurt is terrific for the digestive system, which may help to rid the body of harmful toxins and free radicals that are getting in your way.

Be sure to check with your doctor or with a certified nutritionist before consuming large amounts of any of these foods. Because some people may experience allergic reactions to a few of them, it is important to discuss matters with a professional before drastically changing your diet. If you have already been enjoying these foods on a regular basis, simply increase the amount by decreasing your consumption of less healthy options.

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