Can Exercises Stimulate the Thyroid?

Stimulate the Thyroid with exercise

Exercise will help you achieve the thyroid function you need to lose weight.

The thyroid gland is located toward the front of the neck. This gland is essential for producing a hormone that is necessary for proper functioning of the cardiac, nervous, and muscle systems. Moreover, the thyroid gland is also responsible for boosting the metabolism. There are times when the thyroid does not function properly and, in fact, slows down. This results in a decrease in functionality of many processes of the body. One of the core symptoms of thyroid dysfunction is a significant increase in weight.

Generally, one would need to consume medicines for a significant length of time to promote regular thyroid function. These medicines need to be consumed on a daily basis, and there are instances in which people end up consuming these medicines throughout their lives. However, there are certain exercises you can do to stimulate the thyroid, too.

Aerobic Exercises

One of the best ways to stimulate the thyroid is to perform aerobic exercises. Most patients are quite apprehensive about exercising to curb such ailments. This is mainly because they cannot work out every day due to their condition. Thyroid patients gain immense weight that is not due to overeating. This weight is difficult to lose. Patients are nervous about working out daily because of their weight. But when it comes to aerobic exercises, you do not need to perform them daily. In addition to enhanced thyroid function, you will also see a significant boost in your immune system if you do aerobics. The best aerobic exercises you can do include yoga and tai chi.

Weight-Training Exercises

When people experience weight gain from a lowered thyroid function, they need to exercise to lose weight. The weight they gain is difficult to lose, but one can lose it by training with weights. Exercising with weights enhances fitness and enhances your metabolism. Moreover, it is also effective if you want to stimulate the thyroid function without consuming medicines. Do keep in mind that not all individuals affected by a slow thyroid function will be able to perform high-intensity workouts. You may have to alter the intensity of your workouts to lose weight and boost thyroid function.

Therapy Sessions

Physical therapy can also help stimulate the thyroid. There are many types of cold and hot compress therapies being used to help thyroid patients. Many therapies administered near the neck area promote proper thyroid function. Acupuncture is another type of therapy that can help with this ailment.

If you have an issue with a slow thyroid, you should consider these exercises to boost thyroid function.

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