The Best Pre-Workout Stretches to Boost Weight Loss

Pre-Workout Stretches

Pre-workout stretches can improve your exercise routine tremendously.

There are various workout plans to choose from. Some help in increasing muscle mass while others help you lose weight. But before you begin exercising, you need to do pre-workout stretches. If pre-workout stretches are a part of your daily fitness routine, you will be able to minimize the risk of injury.

The Seal Stretch

Stretching is known to restore your vitality and help you feel younger. To start with the seal stretch, you should lie face down and slowly raise your upper body with your arms. Do not stress your back excessively. You should stop stretching at a comfortable spot. Hold the position for at least five seconds and then twist your body to the right. You will need to hold this position for five seconds as well. You will then turn your body to the left and return to the original position. People with lower back injuries should avoid such pre-workout stretches. The seal stretch may be effective, but it can worsen your back injury.

The Track-Star Hip Stretch

To perform the track-star hip stretch, you will need to lie on your back. Make sure that the surface is flat and sturdy. After lying down, bend your right knee at a 90-degree angle and then cross it your hip, forming a right angle between your right leg and the floor. Be sure to keep your chest tight. Also try not to lift your shoulders off the floor. This position will need to be held for about five seconds. Once done, you will need to repeat the same with your left leg.

Quick Tips: If you lift your shoulders off the surface while performing this stretch, it will not provide efficient results.

Stretching Your Torso Using a Chair

The torso stretch is effective in preparing your abdominal muscles for an intense regimen. The core muscles are responsible for helping the body maintain the proper posture needed for exercising properly. If your body is not being supported by your core muscles, there is a greater chance of muscle and joint related injuries.

The torso stretch is one of the best pre-workout stretches. To get started with this stretch, you will need to sit on a chair and cross your right leg over your left. Hold the back of the chair and twist your body to the right. Hold this position for about five seconds and repeat the same with your left leg crossed over the right.

If you perform these pre-workout stretches, you will be able to minimize the risk of injuries significantly. By following these three pre-workout stretches, you can ensure that you get the best weight-loss results.

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