5 Fat Burning Yoga Postures

fat burning yoga poses

These fat burning yoga poses are an excellent addition to your weight loss routine.

Yoga is considered to be a great medium for relaxation. You can learn about different breathing techniques and how to release toxins from your body. Most people do not realize that yoga is also a great way to lose weight. Yoga may not be exhausting, but it can surely help you shed the extra pounds. In fact, it does not even make you sweat much.

Yoga induces significant fat burn; or, at least, certain yoga postures do. Fat burning yoga includes some specific postures that benefits individuals by stimulating weight loss. Let’s look at some yoga postures that will help you burn fat.

1. Cobra Pose

One of the best fat burning yoga postures is the Cobra. The main benefit of using this posture is the multiple areas that it targets. One of the best aspects of this pose is that it is easy. Even beginners can try this pose readily and notice significant results. The key areas that this pose works on are the hips, the abdominal area and the chest. With this simple pose, you can tone three problem areas of your body.

2. Wind-Releasing Pose

If you are looking for pose that is a bit easier than the Cobra but equally effective, you should look to the Wind-Releasing Pose. Unfortunately, this pose does not target multiple problematic areas. However, it does work on the abdominal area effectively and also on some assisting muscles. These muscles include your hamstrings and shoulders. Hence, most of the stress of this pose is on your abdomen, thereby toning it.

3. Bow Pose

This pose should be used only if you are experienced in yoga. This is a great pose for burning fat in multiple areas. However, it is difficult to perform. The areas that this pose targets are your legs, abdomen and arms.

4. Side-Stretch Pose

One of the best poses for fat burning yoga is the side stretch. This is one yoga pose that works similarly to a cardiovascular workout. Spend at least 30 minutes on the treadmill or practice this pose for a couple of minutes; the results will be similar.

5. Warrior I Pose

Another effective pose for burning fat is the Warrior I Pose. This pose works out multiple areas of the body, toning them. It induces fat burn in your thighs, abdomen and arms. However, it does induce stress on the shoulders and chest muscles as well.
If you want to burn fat using yoga, these poses will prove the most effective.

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