How Drinking Only Water Helps You Shed Extra Pounds

drinking only water for weight lossWater makes up about 70% of our bodies and it covers 70-75% of the earths surface, which means it’s got to be pretty important. A healthy adult can drink up to 3 gallons of water daily, the minimum amount of water needed is only 8-8 ounce glasses a day. Many Americans do not get enough water, instead they drink sugary or caffeinated beverages. In fact, many Americans get about 300 calories from sugary or caffeinated beverages daily. Caffeine works against you when you are trying to hydrate. So drinks like soda that have a high water content, do not hydrate because caffeine blocks water from getting to the necessary parts of the body.

Americans use 346,000 million gallons of fresh water each day. Yet so many americans are still unhealthy, dehydrated, and overweight. Why is that? Many Americans consume soda, juice drinks, flavored water, energy drinks, and sports drinks. These things Americans consume daily cause diseases and health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Many people who are trying to come back from these conditions first have to take a look at their diet. One of the first things they can and do cut out is their beverages.

Drinking only water helps you shed extra pounds and in time can reverse many of the bad health conditions. If you are having 300 calories daily in sugary drinks that is 2100 calories per week. In just 12 days you could basically drink a full pound. In one year you can easily gain 32 pounds from sugary drinks alone.

If you were to replace all the sugary beverages with water, not only would you not gain 32 pounds per year, or nearly one pound per 12 days but you would also become healthier. Drinking water will help balance your body’s fluids. Water will also help control calories. Sometimes people think they are hungry, but in all actuality they are thirsty. For your outer appearance, water helps skin look good. Also, water will help maintain bowel function and kidney health.

Water really is the weight loss miracle. Drinking only water will help you not only lose weight but become healthier. If you have a hard time drinking water, you can brew up your own tea or drink water with lemon. Anything other than that will have sugar, and will not help you lose weight. Drinking only water will aid in weight loss by helping with the way you process calories, help maintain regular bowel movements, and help kidney functions. All of those play key roles in weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight.

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