Avoid These Five Fattening Foods

fattening foods to avoidWhat if you were told that if you avoided these five worst and most fattening foods, your life would become better? That these foods alone will eventually kill you. These five foods are not only the cause of extra weight, but also the cause of many health issues. Avoid these five fattening foods and your health and fitness will thank you.

The first and the most obvious, with absolutely NO nutritional value is doughnuts. The pure white flour, and all sugar is on average about 300 calories, that is not even to include if you have sprinkles and filling. This is a heart attack waiting to happen, instead why not grab a healthy whey protein shake.

The second is a beverage and by far the worst beverage, did you guess soda? You are right, a single soda is loaded with sugar, it has a whopping 10 teaspoons on average. Let’s not forget the chemicals; In fact if you would like a toilet bowl that sparkles, go ahead and dump a can of coke in there, let sit one hour, scrub, and flush.

Commercial french fries are absolutely dangerous, with its potent amount of the cancer causing chemical acrylamide. This food will raise your insulin levels so rapidly your body will be devastated. If you make your own french fries, use coconut oil, your body will thank you later. All those other oils are dangerous when overheated, in things like fried chicken and french fries. They are also made from chemically engineered crops which are already dangerous to your body.

The next is chips, unless you make them yourself, they are going to be dangerous. They like their fried friends the french fries contain the ever so dangerous and potent acrylamide, that causes cancer. Commercial chips also contain genetically engineered ingredients, and chemicals.

The final of the five fattening foods to avoid is fried seafood. Can you say mercury poisoning? Additionally, like the fried foods mentioned they contain the cancerous acrylamide. Not to mention the other chemicals that cause who knows what other diseases. When doctors tell you to get more fish in your diet this is not what they meant.

If you avoid those five fattening foods you will add MANY years to your life, and save so much money in doctors bills. Let’s not forget you will save the lives of your loved ones that share meals with you. Actually, if you make a few of these foods at home using non genetically engineered foods you can still enjoy the foods you love and not poison yourself at the same time.

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