Phentermine Addiction

Phentermine is a prescription drug that has been designed to help people who are obese to develop the right lifestyle habits in order to reduce their weight more quickly and easily and then maintain a healthy body mass index (BMI). It functions by eliminating the most common unpleasant side effects of dieting – for example, hunger pangs, cravings, and fatigue – so that the appropriate actions can be taken to cause weight to reduce. These actions include a portion controlled, well balanced nutritious diet, along with regular daily exercise according to a doctor’s instructions.

While this drug is highly effective, it is also one that is intended for short-term use only. Typically speaking, the average weight loss patient will use the drug for four to six weeks, though six to twelve weeks is still within the recommended timeframe. The drug’s effect decreases after it has been used for a few weeks as the body adjusts to its presence. For this reason, the use of Phentermine diet pills is only the first step of a weight loss program. Taking this drug for longer periods of time can result in Phentermine addiction that can cause severe withdrawal side effects.

The decrease in Phentermine’s effectiveness over time, when it is used properly, will actually be very helpful to the dieter. This is because it allows the dieter to slowly start to feel the natural reactions of the body to the weight loss program, instead of having those sensations return at full-force all at once when the use of the drug is stopped. Because the hunger sensation returns only gradually, it is often not an overwhelming feeling, allowing the weight loss patient to adjust to the feeling and continue on with the diet program. If the hunger pangs were to return all at once, it would be a shock to the system and the dieter would be more likely to want to cheat or quit the diet altogether due to the discomfort.

Through the use of Phentermine, enough time is provided for excellent healthy weight loss habits to be adopted. This way, even though the drug efficacy will start to fade near the end and then its use will need to stop altogether, the habits are in place and the weight loss has much greater odds of success.

By following the prescribe dose, Phentermine addiction can avoided. Some dieters feel inclined to increase their own dosage when they feel that the efficacy is starting to fade. It is this type of behavior that can lead to an addiction to the drug. If, after a few weeks, a patient feels as though the drug is not working properly, it is recommended that he or she speak with the prescribing doctor. This may lead to a dosage change, a drug change, or may mean that the patient is taken off the drug until the body’s tolerance to it decreases once more.

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