Phentermine Online Consultation

For a few years now, it has been possible to obtain prescriptions from licensed doctors by way of an online consultation. This being said, this has been a very controversial practice, as there are health authorities, such as the FDA, that believe that the safest way to obtain the accurate recommendation of a doctor is by visiting his or her office. Many people, however, still find online consultations for drugs such as phentermine are a great way to save money and time while obtaining the exact same results.

A few years back you could still buy phentermine by means of an online consultation. Today, buying phentermine online is much more regulated and a prescription from your doctor must be provided, even if you are ordering this medication online.

Online consultations and prescriptions for phentermine were extremely popular when allowed. This is because many people struggle to talk to their doctor about their obesity. It is a touchy subject and you may not always feel comfortable talking to your doctor about this health issue, how it makes you feel, the problems in your life that have lead to this condition, and what you are ready to do to reduce your weight.

Another reason phentermine online consultations were so popular is because regular doctor consultations can be quite costly; especially if you have to go often. Online consultations, on the other hand, are often offered for a very low fee, or even – at some sites – offered for free.

Many people find that they simply do not have the time to go to the doctor’s office, since – even when an appointment has been made – the odds are that a great deal of time will be spent sitting in the waiting room well after the scheduled appointment time, and then waiting in the examination room for the doctor to arrive. As doctor’s hours often align with the times that people are at work, it isn’t always an option to be able to take several hours to wait around at the doctor’s office to receive a prescription that could simply be achieved using an online consultation from the comfort of a computer at whatever time is convenient for the patient.

Getting an online consultation for phentermine ensured that you spent a minimum amount of time waiting. The downside was that many online pharmacies were not providing the quality of medical screening to ensure the safety of the customer. For example, it was commonplace for online pharmacies selling phentermine to only require that a questionnaire was filled out prior to approving the prescription. Since it was impossible to verify whether the information provided was accurate, some people were taking phentermine who should not have been. For this reason, the FDA made obtaining phentermine prescriptions using online consultations heavily regulated.

Although ordering phentermine online is much simpler than going to your doctor for approval, when it comes to taking prescription drugs your doctor should always be involved. Only your doctor understands your medical history and can determine whether or not a medication will be safe for you to take.

5 comments to Phentermine Online Consultation

  • Jackie

    is this safe to take with anticonvulsants and a slow thyroid

    • Moderator

      Jackie – You need to ask your doctor if it is safe to combine with the other medications you are taking. Also, your doctor will be able to assess whether it is safe for you considering any health conditions you may have.

  • jasmine krebs

    Is it true I can get a prescription for phentermine online? I gained a lot of weight having my last baby and I can afford to see a doc ever week in addition to the weight loss pills.

    • Moderator

      It is very risky to try to buy phentermine online. Many websites that claim to sell phentermine online are scam sites. The safest way (and also the legal way) to purchase this prescription drug is by getting a prescription for it from a doctor then filling it at a walk-in pharmacy. Phentermine has the potential for causing serious side effects and for this reason if you are using this product it is important to have the support and guidance of a doctor.

  • amy

    How do u get a hold of these people

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