Using Phentermine Safely

Among all of the weight loss medications in the United States, phentermine is the most popular. However, that being said, it is important to use the drug properly in order to obtain the best benefits from it and to ensure that it is being safely utilized. The following are the instructions typically recommended for using phentermine safely. However, for best and safest results, be sure to use your doctor’s advice and directions.

Most people find that by starting the day by taking phentermine diet pills, feelings of hunger can be stopped right from the beginning of the daytime. Generally, this means taking the drug before breakfast (on an empty stomach) one time every day. A full glass of water should be used to take the drug. Even if you can swallow the pill with only a sip, you should still drink the full glass. Though you can half the tablet if you have trouble swallowing the pill at its full size, it does function at its best when it is taken whole without being broken. You should never crush your pill before taking it.

In the case of a missed dose or when the drug starts to lose effect over time, phentermine’s dosage should never be doubled as phentermine overdose can lead to unpleasant symptoms or health consequences. The use and dosage of phentermine should occur only according to a doctor’s instructions.

Furthermore, you should ensure that you take phentermine as early in the day as possible (at least six to fourteen hours (before bedtime) to prevent difficulties with sleeping. It is a drug recommended only for healthy adults and should not be used by children younger than sixteen years of age or by older adults.

Phentermine has been designed to be a short-term tool to help to establish a proper lifestyle to lose weight and manage obesity. It is therefore essential to the success of a diet that the use of phentermine be accompanied by a healthy, nutritious diet, regular exercise, and an overall effort toward a lifestyle of health. This should include eating more whole grains, dark green leafy vegetables, and fewer fried foods as well as at least thirty minutes of exercise such as walking, swimming, or cycling every day.

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