Using Phentermine with Diabetes

A very common question about phentermine use is whether or not people can be using it who have diabetes. Though Phentermine is considered a relatively safe FDA-approved weight loss drug that is helping many people to lose weight – more than any other medication in the country – there is some conflict between the use of phentermine and some diabetes patients. For this reason, it is exceptionally important that you inform your doctor that you have diabetes before filling a prescription for phentermine diet pills in order to help you to lose weight.

The reason for concern surrounding people using Phentermine with diabetes is that many diet drugs can cause problems for people suffering from specific medical conditions. These medical conditions are not limited to diabetes and may also include heart disease, high blood pressure, and glaucoma. Prescription weight loss drugs can cause complications or side effects with those conditions or the medications required for treating them. These interactions could be very mild or quite severe. Only you and your doctor can decide whether phentermine will be safe to use with your diabetes and the medications you may be taking, but typically speaking, it is not a recommended combination.

That being said, if you are quite overweight or obese, and you are at risk of diabetes but have not actually developed the condition, your doctor might recommend the drug in order to help you to control the chances that type 2 diabetes could develop. This is because extra weight makes your body much more prone to the disease. By eating a healthy, nutritious diet, exercising regularly, and bringing your weight down to the recommended body mass index range, you could dramatically lower your risks. In fact, many people discover that though they were diagnosed with pre-diabetes when they were carrying the additional weight, by losing the weight through the help of phentermine, their pre-diabetic symptoms disappear.

Phentermine works by helping you to adopt a healthier lifestyle more easily. The discomforts of eating less while exercising more are reduced or eliminated by the drug so that the right habits can be set and then continued without the use of the drug over time. Taking phentermine is a short-term effort that creates significant long-term health results.

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