Herbal Phentermine

Herbal Phentermine ReviewBetween diet pills that you can buy over the counter and those that you can get only with a prescription from your doctor, selecting the right one for your weight loss needs can quickly become a daunting process.

One product that has been making headlines is Herbal Phentermine. What’s this product all about, and how does it differ from regular Phentermine? We cover all of the basics below so that you can develop a better understanding of these two diet pill options, and so you can discuss which one would be best for you with your doctor.

What Is Herbal Phentermine, and How Does It Work?

Herbal Phentermine is a diet pill that is available over the counter and functions as an effective, safe, natural appetite suppressant. It works to increase the rate of metabolism while reducing the appetite so that extra calories are not consumed in the first place as the individual taking the pill does not feel hungry as frequently or as much.

That being said, it is important to recognize that just because it is considered to be an herbal medication, it is still a drug that should be taken very seriously.

What are the ingredients in this diet pill? Well, according to Diet Spotlight, the ingredients include bitter orange, raspberry ketones, cayenne pepper, garcinia cambogia, green tea, caffeine, and green coffee bean. These work together to help suppress your appetite so that you will be able to more easily consume far fewer calories every day. Beyond that, the ingredients can also help burn fat, while giving you more energy that you can use to lead a more active lifestyle and burn more calories every day as a result.

Things to Consider Before Taking This Diet Pill

Herbal remedies can be extremely powerful and in this case, it uses herbs that mimic the same positive elements of the prescription medication called Phentermine. It has accomplished this without the strong unpleasant side effects of the prescription medication, but care is still required.

Herbal remedies can still cause conflicts with other drugs being taken or with health conditions, so it is important to speak with your doctor before taking this or any other diet pill.

Phentermine vs. Herbal Phentermine

The main difference between Herbal Phentermine and the prescription strength Phentermine diet pill is that one is stronger than the other, requiring a doctor’s prescription, and the other you can obtain over the counter without a doctor’s recommendation or approval.

Herbal Phentermine is available at a wide range of pharmacists, drug stores, and health product stores in various dosages. Be sure to read the bottle carefully to make sure you’re making the right selection for yourself and that you know how to take it properly.

Remember that the directions are there to ensure that you receive optimal results so you should follow them to the letter in order to take the drug safely and effectively.

Of course, another difference between the herbal version and the prescription-strength version is in the side effects. While there are several side effects in the prescription Phentermine, varying from very mild to quite severe, Herbal Phentermine does not share any of these side effects. It has only one thermogenic component and does not have any components that are side-effect causing.

That being said, by taking the over-the-counter version, you won’t experience any of the stomach upset, painful urination dry mouth, irritation, or sleepiness that are all too common in the prescription strength.

Assuming that Herbal Phentermine is right for you, it is a much safer version of the drug with far fewer unpleasant aspects than you would see if you were to try the prescription strength diet pill.

When in Doubt, Talk to Your Doctor 

If Herbal Phentermine sounds like a great alternative to prescription Phentermine, but you are not sure if it is right for you, talk to your doctor first. He or she can help you determine which one of these would be most appropriate for your needs, based on your current weight and your overall health.

No matter what you decide to take to support your weight loss efforts, just be sure to follow the directions on the label carefully so that you can get the right results with a decreased risk of side effects.

Also remember, too, that there are plenty of other weight management products, like FENFAST 375, that you can buy over the counter to support your efforts on your weight loss journey if Phentermine and Herbal Phentermine aren’t right for you.

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