Top Exercises to Get Beach Ready Faster than Last Year

Exercises to Get Beach Ready FasterAre you ready to show off your swimsuit body this summer? No? Well, have no fear, as there are some exercises to get beach ready faster than last year. Incorporate these exercises into your weight loss workout routine right away so that you can start slimming down and toning up right away.

Rotational Mountain Climber

To work your core, which is really important when you are searching for exercises to get beach ready faster, you can perform rotational mountain climbers.

Start by getting into plank pose, or the upper position of a pushup. Make sure that the hands are a bit wider than the shoulders, but keep the feet together.

When ready, bring the right knee to the left elbow before returning to the original position. Switch sides and keep going for as long as you can. Your core should be engaged throughout this workout.

Caterpillar Walk

To work your upper body, try the caterpillar walk, which another one of the exercises to get beach ready fast.

Start by standing up with your feet together. Then, bend over so that you can place your hands on the floor. Slowly, and with control, walk your hands forward until you find yourself at the top of a pushup position, or plank pose. Make sure that your joints are aligned, so keep the elbows under the shoulders and the hands under the elbows so that your arms are in one straight line.

Next, once you know that your form is good, perform just a single pushup.

Finally, walk your feet to your hands and then stand up. Throughout the movement, be sure to engage the core muscles as well.

Stability Ball Bulgarian Split Squat

This workout is designed to tone up the lower body, including your glutes, hamstrings, and quads—perfect for helping you achieve the beach body of your dreams. You will need a stability ball to make the most of this exercise.

Start by standing in front of your ball. Place the top of one foot and your shin on the stability ball behind you.

Bend the other knee to a 90° angle, if possible. Make sure that the knee remains above the ankle for proper form.

Straighten the leg and repeat. Once you perform a few reps on one leg, switch sides.

With these exercises to get beach ready faster, you will be able to don your swimsuit with confidence before you know it. Therfore, just because summer is right around the corner certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t get the beach body that you want.

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