Best and Worst Foods to Eat Before Working Out

foods to eat before working outWhat you eat prior to working out will have a big impact upon your strength and endurance during your workout. But what are the best and worst foods to eat before working out? Check out the list below to make wiser choices that will properly fuel your body for whatever exercises you do.

The Best Foods to Eat Before Working Out

The best foods to eat before working out are those that will give you a burst of energy and plenty of fuel to get you through your workout routine, whether you are putting in 30 minutes on the yoga mat or 60 minutes at the gym. These include carbs (yes, carbs), as they are the fuel that your body will need while you are pushing your muscles to new heights.

Focus on getting simple carbs and complex carbs. Simple carbs can be enjoyed a short while before your workout, as they will be burned off and used more quickly, while complex carbs will burn more slowly.

Another option would be a healthy smoothie that will hydrate your body and give you a boost of nutrients and natural sugars to get your body going. Fruits and veggies, along with some pre-workout protein powder can provide a good amount of fuel and get your body ready for your workout.

The Worst Foods to Eat Before Working Out

The worst foods to eat before working out are those that have a lot of protein and fiber. You actually don’t need a lot of protein for your workout, as it is a slower-burning source of energy compared to carbs. Having too much fiber could end up leaving you feeling bloated during your routine. So, ditch the protein bars, chicken, lentils, and hummus, as a few examples.

Although it might seem like a good idea to have an energy drink prior to working out, this actually isn’t a good choice. Many of these beverages could cause side effects like gastrointestinal upset, especially because they have too much sugar. On the other hand, having a caffeinated beverage like coffee could be helpful in energizing your muscles, while sports drinks could help with electrolyte balance.

As you can see, the foods that you eat before exercising could have a big impact on how well you feel as you exercise. So fuel up right so that you can get through a tough workout. Then it is a matter of properly feeding your muscles afterwards in order to promote recovery and get results.

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