Best Rewards to Use as Weight Loss Incentives

weight loss incentivesAre you motivated by the idea of getting a reward for your efforts? Sure, you are! Who isn’t? When there is a reward in sight, you are more likely to work hard at sticking to, and ultimately achieving, your goal. And this concept can be applied to losing weight and getting in shape. So if you have been struggling with staying on track, considering giving yourself the following rewards that you can use as weight loss incentives.

Food Weight Loss Incentives to Try

You can certainly use food as an incentive to lose weight. For example, you can tell yourself that you will give yourself a cheat meal once a week if you are able to get to the gym every day and complete a solid workout every time. Or you might even decide that a specific cheat meal will be your reward after you have lost a particular amount of weight, such as 10 pounds.

Non-Food Weight Loss Incentives to Try

Beyond food rewards, you can also use some really clever non-food weight loss incentives to get the job done. These could include:

• Taking a weekend trip with friends
• Getting a massage, a pedicure, a manicure, or enjoying a full day at the spa
• Getting a tattoo
• Purchasing a new outfit or a new pair of shoes
• Buying a new accessory, such as a piece of jewelry or a purse
• Going to the movies
• Buying a new outfit specifically for the gym
• Attending a concert or a Broadway show
• Taking a day off at the beach, the park, the mountains, etc.
• Seeing a comedy show
• Going out for drinks with friends
• Attending a sporting event
• Taking cooking classes
• Going on a wellness retreat
• Investing in a newer, better blender
• Buying a new bike
• Throwing a small party for friends
• Buying yourself a beautiful bouquet of flowers
• Purchasing one of the latest gadgets
• Investing in a slow cooker
• Subscribing to a new magazine

Sometimes all you really need are some good weight loss incentives in order to make sure you stay the course while you are working hard at slimming down. After all, giving up is easy, so rewarding yourself for remaining focused is a good way to achieve amazing results. Hopefully the incentives above will help you during your personal weight loss journey.

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