Bestselling Weight Loss Books 2017

Best Weight Loss Books 2017

Sometimes you just need to read a really good book to get inspired and motivated, even when it comes to losing weight. And the right weight loss books 2017 can do just that by giving you modern-day weight loss advice, as well as by giving you the support that you need so that you do not feel as though you are the only one experiencing your weight struggles.

Check out the bestselling weight loss books 2017 below, and consider reading these to get motivated and start slimming down.

This Is Not a Diet Book: A User’s Guide to Eating Well by Bee Wilson

One of the top weight loss books 2017 is This Is Not a Diet Book: A User’s Guide to Eating Well, which is written by Bee Wilson, who is an award winning author known for her other works, titled Consider the Fork and First Bite.

This book avoids the typical weight loss messages that you have already been bombarded with. Instead, it gives you valuable new advice on how you can actually change the relationship that you have with your food. It guides you through adjusting your eating habits instead of following a one-size-fits-all diet plan so that you can work with your unique mind and body. Plus, it removes any feelings of guilt that typically come with dieting, giving you a more sustainable way to change your lifestyle and lose more weight.

How to Lose Weight Well by Dr. Xand Van Tulleken

Yet another book that you should consider picking up is How to Lose Weight Well, as it will provide you with four helpful steps on how to lose weight well. The book is packed with sound advice that can help you focus on your unique struggles when it comes to losing weight. You will think about why you are trying to shed those extra pounds in the first place, as well as where your barriers lie. Then the book will dive into how to avoid processed food, count calories, and eat more vegetables so that you can transform your diet for results.

Whenever you are struggling to slim down and stay motivated, pick up one of the books above, as they can have a really positive impact on your state of mind, and they can provide you with the advice that you need to change your weight loss strategy for the better.

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