Not Feeling the Burn Anymore? Try These Super Challenging Exercise Moves

Super Challenging Exercise MovesAfter a certain point when doing a workout, you will build your fitness to the point that your old activities simply aren’t cutting it anymore. It’s time to take on some new super challenging exercise moves that will ensure that you get back to building lean muscle and strength while burning away excess fat.

There are some awesome super challenging exercise moves out there that can transform your entire workout so you’ll be able to explode to a whole new fitness level. While they may seem tough – particularly at first – that’s what’s great about them.

When you’ve been sticking to the same routine for a while, new super challenging exercise moves can boost your interest and stimulation at the same time that your results take off.

Let the challenge motivate and inspire you. Prove to yourself that you can beat these moves and you’ll feel great every time. Pay attention to the progress you make from the beginning when they feel next to impossible, to later on when you show yourself that you’ve mastered them.

If you’ve never done these before, you might want to consider having a personal trainer guide you through the movements the first couple of times. That way, you’ll know you’re getting the most out of them while reducing the risk of injury:

Super Challenging Exercise Moves to Try

· Body Saw

This exercise move takes aim at pretty much every one of your core muscles. Depending on the position you use, you may even find that you can get a shoulder workout from it, too. The beginner position has your feet over a foam roller, on valslides or in a TRX. As you get better at it, use a stability ball to up the ante.

· Prisoner Get-Ups

You will feel this move throughout your core as you access the full spectrum of the muscles there, particularly those throughout your lower back area. You will not only work that massive set of muscle groups but you’ll also hone your agility and balance at the same time.

· Dumbbell Lateral Lunge

The benefit of this move is magnified due to the dynamic nature of the exercise. It targets your core, full leg and glutes while building your stability as the muscle demands are asymmetrical throughout your body. Lunging to the side accesses the glutes more efficiently than a forward lunge or a standard squat. This gives a better glute workout while supporting hip stability and mobility. Add a dumbbell to make this move even more challenging once you master the basic form.

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