Fidgeting for Weight Loss: The Calorie Burning Habit

Fidgeting for Weight Loss benefits

Fidgeting for weight loss can help burn many more calories than sitting still.

Believe it or not, fidgeting for weight loss is actually a thing. In fact, you can burn a lot more calories throughout the day if you make it a point to fidget rather than stay still. So if you are looking for an way to make shedding those extra pounds a little less difficult, you should start fidgeting, and it’s easy to do it.

Calories Burned with Fidgeting

People who try fidgeting for weight loss will burn an average of anywhere from 300-350 calories every day. This number, however, will vary depending upon just how intensely you fidget, as well as the rest of your activity throughout the day. For example, if you pace a lot, you will burn more calories than you would if you were sitting down and tapping your foot. Also, your fitness level, the development of your muscles, and your weight can also impact the number of calories that you can burn per day by fidgeting.

How to Fidget the Right Way

To increase the effectiveness of your fidgeting, follow these tips:

· In order to encourage more fidgeting, do not allow yourself to get comfortable. For example, you could lean up against a surface that’s hard, you could sit in a chair that is uncomfortable, or you could even wear uncomfortable clothes. This will force you to attempt getting comfortable, and that will result in fidgeting and burning calories.

· Make sure you fidget with multiple parts of your body. So you might, for example, start tapping your toes and moving your head as you listen to music while sitting down or working at your computer. You can also tap your fingers on your desk or on your steering wheel while you drive, and you can even practice contracting and releasing different muscle groups while sitting or standing.

· Like most other things, if you want to lose weight by fidgeting, you need to be consistent in your efforts. So go ahead and fidget throughout the day every day.

Once you start fidgeting for weight loss, you may notice that it is easier to shed the extra pounds. In a year’s time, if you fidget every day, you could end up losing 30 pounds more than you would have if you did not fidget. And to get even better and faster results, you can add a product like Phentramin-D to your weight loss strategy to burn even more calories each day.

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