Why Fat Loss Surgery Should Be a Last Resort

Fat Loss Surgery last resort

Fat loss surgery should be a last resort for those with a BMI over 50.

There is no shortage of options when it comes to weight loss, including supplements and surgeries. Bariatric surgery often proves a convenient option as it enables people to reduce their appetite and lose weight. However, before going under the knife, there are many other methods you can try for losing weight. Effective as fat loss surgery may be, there are inherent risks in any surgery and therefore it’s best that you opt for alternative means.

Often, it is seen that people who undergo surgery as a means of losing weight often suffer from other medical issues, which are caused directly or indirectly as a result of their surgery. Hence, it’s best that you keep fat loss surgery as a last resort and only go ahead with it if you have tried and failed to lose weight through other safer methods.

When Should You Opt for Surgery?
People, who are overweight, and particularly obese, may find it hard to lose weight. Even if they try the most effective weight loss methods, it is possible that they are still not at a weight level where they can be healthy and from there on continue to lose weight successfully. Therefore, for them, it often comes down to surgery because there is no other way they will be able to shed the extra pounds. When considering surgery as an option, you should keep your body mass index (BMI) in mind.

The BMI is an indicator of a person’s weight level keeping in mind their age and other factors. Generally, people with a BMI of over 50 are considered at the greatest risk of death due to weight and at that level, opting for fat loss surgery can prove life-saving. Use this BMI calculator to check yours now. Overall, people who have a BMI beyond the suggested weight level keeping in mind their age and height, can opt for surgery as a means of losing weight.

Any person who hasn’t reached this stage should try other ways to lose weight. As mentioned, there is no dearth of options when it comes to weight loss. You can start by following a healthy diet and exercising regularly and then supplement your effort with an effective weight loss supplement, such as Phentramin-D. Over a period of time, you will be able to shed the extra pounds for good and keep them off, leading to a healthy weight level and overall healthier lifestyle.

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